WHERE ARE YOU GOING with Ajahn Sucitto & Nick Scott


June 20, 2020
For this audio book, the service of Mike Adair as sound editor has been invaluable. Derek Murray guided our initial experimental recordings and produced chapter one as a test chapter, using the flute music, and Padraig Cotter helped set up and manage the podcast site. The podcast design and drawings are by Debbie Scott, Nick's sister.

The traditional Indian flute music was used with kind permission of Super Audio Madras Pvt Ltd. 

So many people helped us both to make the pilgrimage and then to get this account originally written. We cannot list them all, not just because of space but because many of the names have now gone with the robbery described in this account. However, we sincerely want to thank each person who assisted us in some way. Four people in particular require special mention. They helped us write the original account, looking through various versions of each of the chapters as they got produced over the years, and giving us valuable feedback. They are Ajahn Amaro, Ajahn Thaniya, Sam Ford, and Sue Lunn-Rockliffe. Finally, there was our patient and understanding editor at Wisdom, David Kittelstrom, who helped us get to the final form of both printed books.

On our return from the pilgrimage, Ajahn Sucitto was made the abbot of Chithurst Monastery. Initially Nick would come to stay temporarily to work on the book, but realising how difficult things were for his old companion, he offered to give up his work and join him at Chithurst, working as a volunteer, running the building projects, and sorting out the management of the extensive woodland. Occasionally we also found time to continue to write the account of the pilgrimage. When it was eventually finished, that version was passed around our monasteries and supporters. There was a lot of praise and various attempts to publish it, but nothing happened. It was too long and the structure too unusual for commercial publishers to take the risk. It was also more than just a Buddhist book of teachings and so seemed unsuitable, then, for free distribution. We came to accept that it would probably never be published.

Then several years later Wisdom offered to publish the first half. Somehow it seemed right that this came out as both of us were leaving Chithurst. After ten years of working together, one taking responsibility for the people in the monastery, the other the practical, the work there was complete, and Ajahn Sucitto left to take a well-earned break from being an abbot and Nick moved to the west of Ireland. Both books were then later published for free distribution at the western monasteries of the Ajahn Cha forest tradition of Buddhist monasticism.

As always the dissemination of Dhamma brings out the individual good and makes it into a community.

Ajahn Sucitto & Nick Scott

Chithurst Monastery, & Seagal, Co Galway. June 2020